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Moving the Island, BRB

January 28, 2009 AT 09:45AM | Comments (3)

We're going to be undergoing some maintenance, during which time we'll be unable to post new content. We'll return sometime between soon and not soon.


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The State Reunites, Dispenses Wisdom to Flock

January 28, 2009 AT 09:36AM | Comments (0)

Stategroup SF Weekly dispensed a true fan to cover The State's reunion show during the past weekend's Sketch Fest. Apart from not-quite comparisons to Eagles and Wu-Tang Clan (does that make Michael Ian Black the Ol' Dirty Bastard/Big Baby Jesus of the group?), the report has some choice photos and recounts, as well as battle-earned insights on "the biz" from the Q&A:

They also filled in details on their departure from MTV, as they were never canceled, but left to flirt with the possibility of a prime time slot on a major network. Talks with ABC never quite panned out, and a tentative deal with CBS would give way to more geriatric programming. Most of them admitted to being "arrogant assholes back then," with Robert Ben Garant passing the sagely advice, "If you get a job in television, don't quit it."

There's also a telling KISS allusion and the best joke you'll hear about Christopher Columbus. Better than your average had-to-be-there!

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Before They Get Stale: Amy Poehler, Jon Friedman and Bill Hicks

January 27, 2009 AT 06:30PM | Comments (0)

84481669The Big Gay Sketch Show is now casting for the chance to win a guest spot on Season 3.  Users submit videos and profiles, and viewers vote them to the top. [Big Gay Sketch Show]

The Amy Poehler's new show finally has a name, Public Service, because what else sounds more entertaining and inviting than a government profession? [Ace Showbiz]

Speculation suggests Ricky Gervais might be going vegetarian, but he's British, so it doesn't count. Over there, blood pudding is a vegetable. [Ecorazzi]

In the court of cool, Eugene Mirman vindicates himself of all wrongdoing. Also, "the court of cool" is the least cool thing I've ever written, and I should be held in contempt. [Decider]

I have never been rejected ever. Therefor, Jon Friedman's book, Rejected, is of no interest to me. But it might interest some of you out there... Losers. [The Huffington Post]

Things I've deduced from this short 30 Rock preview: Jon Hamm plays Tina Fey's love interest (duh!). He is not playing Don Draper using a time machine (sigh). [Videogum]

Meryl Streep might be on 30 Rock. Finally, a celebrity shows up on that show. I'm so tired of not having very famous people appear on that show. SARCASM, ladies and gents! [NY Daily News]

From his experience on Funny People, RZA says "Seth Rogen could be an MC. He freestyles his jokes." [MTV Blog]

This Friday, Bill Hick's famous Letterman unaired set finally airs. Censorship finally loses forevever, motherf*ckers! [The Comic's Comic]

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Touchdown Chowdown

January 27, 2009 AT 05:48PM | Comments (1)

What better way to get ready for Sunday's big game than by combining football with America's favorite pastime, gluttony? That's why, in the new game Touchdown Chowdown, you can binge your way to glory. To play, just click the image below.


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The Onion: Kim Jong Il Announces Plan to Bring Moon to North Korea

January 27, 2009 AT 05:18PM | Comments (0)


From Indecision...

You just know that the Democrats will just lie down and let Kim Jong Il do this to the moon...

Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea

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Controversy: Jason Statham Fan Blog Calls Aziz Ansari Out

January 27, 2009 AT 04:11PM | Comments (0)

84309338 Earlier today, the official blog of everyone living in Boston, posted an Aziz Ansari interview from The Boston Globe. Usually this wouldn't be worth posting, because Aziz does like twenty million funny interviews a day, and that's why God created Before They Get Stales (ED NOTE: God did not create Before They Get Stales. It evolved over millions of years).

But this time Aziz said something that caused complete controversy:

Q. So we won't see you 10 years from now accepting an Oscar for your work in a war film?

A. No. But I could see myself becoming a straight-up action star like Jason Statham. I just want to put that out there for whoever makes those movies: I'm down to take over the "Transporter" franchise.

Did I say complete controversy? I meant to say extremely mild controversy. Actually, what I meant to say is this was briefly mentioned on a Jason Statham fan blog, categorizing it as a non controversy that is mildly interesting.

Dream on, Aziz!  As if!  Jason’s the only actor who could keep the ‘Transporter’ series going.  He’s the only one who can play Frank.

Yeah, Jason Statham is the only actor who could possibly play a character as unique and interesting as Frank. His character's name is Frank? That doesn't sound like the name of a transporter. It sounds like the name of a Fed Ex guy... which is kind of like a transporter. Also, there are Jason Statham fan blogs? Okay. I accept everything mentioned thus far.

But the Jason Statham fan blog does have one fact I don't accept:

 ”In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale” has been nominated for some Razzie Awards...  We all know that Jason was the best part of the film and, probably the only reason why most of us went to see it.

Someone actually went to go see that movie? I find that highly implausible.

Might I add, I usually wouldn't post something this inconsequential, since the Statham blog and Aziz are both obviously kidding around, but today is a slow comedy news day, and I'm a little sick. At least this is fun kidding around. Also, I'm still not 100% sure they are both kidding around.

[Via Aziz is Bored]

Click after the jump to see a photoshop I made because I was bored!

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Russell Peters: Red, White and Brown

January 27, 2009 AT 03:42PM | Comments (0)

Even though Canada is literally a mere fifteen miles from my house, my knowledge of our neighbors to the north is pretty limited. But I do know that Canadians like their bacon round, their syrup maple and their comedians Russell Peters-y. And today, Russell Peters' DVD and CD Red, White and Brown is available from Comedy Central. Here are some uncensored clips from the special.

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Larry Wilmore's Random Black Thoughts

January 27, 2009 AT 02:55PM | Comments (0)
The Daily Show's Larry Wilmore is counting down the days to Black History Month on his website with a series of videos featuring his random black thoughts. Click the image to check them out.

Picture 16

Personally, I suffer from crippling white guilt, so I always try to avoid having any black thoughts at all, not to mention Asian thoughts, Hispanic thoughts, Native-American thoughts or dark-skinned Caucasian thoughts.

But even on my best days, I too have the occasional random black thought. If this happens to you to, just do what I do: Find a random African American and give him or her a reparations hug.

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Sir Paul McCartney to Appear on The Colbert Report

January 27, 2009 AT 11:32AM | Comments (1)

84101585 Man, I don't know about you, but I love The Beatles. The only hard part is deciding which Beatle was my favorite. John Lennon? Ringo Starr? Zach Braff? Thurgood Marshall? Baby Jessica? God, there are so many great Beatles, but I think I have to go with Sir Paul McCartney. And he's going to be on The Colbert Report tomorrow!

Music legend and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician Sir Paul McCartney will appear as a guest on COMEDY CENTRAL's Emmy® and Peabody® Award-winning "The Colbert Report" on Wednesday, January 28 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT. McCartney's appearance will be his first and only scheduled U.S. late-night appearance in support of the new album, Electric Arguments, released under The Fireman alias used by McCartney and producer/musician Youth.

If you're a press release aficionado, you'll want to read the rest of that one. It's the White Album of press releases.

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Colbert Tips His Hat to Roe v. Wade

January 27, 2009 AT 10:57AM | Comments (2)

I'm a middle-class, college-educated wiener, so I naturally do my best to be a good liberal. I know global warming is man-made and believe when that man is finished making the globe warm, he should be allowed to marry another man, preferably one who opposes using assault rifles to drill in ANWR. But abortion is a tough issue for me. It seems no matter how many I have, I still find them a hair on the unpleasant side. Don't worry though, I'll keep trying.

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Happy Birthday, Patton Oswalt!

January 27, 2009 AT 09:52AM | Comments (2)

84335555 What can you say about Patton Oswalt? He's simply one of the best comedians of the modern era. And today he's 40. To celebrate, he's doing a show at LA's UCB Theater tonight with Blaine Capatch, Brian Posehn, Karen Kilgariff and Dana Gould. You can read more info here.

Rather than flap my e-gums in the normal fashion, I think it makes more sense to just paste what Patton himself wrote on his blog about this so-called milestone. As with everything Patton does, it's wonderful:

I turn forty on Tuesday the 27th. One week after the swearing in of a new president.

Comedians are a superstitious lot. We secretly fear things like irrelevancy and un-hipness in ways that only the excluded and left out can. We’re always afraid of things like marriage and children and “selling out”, as if these things are supernatural beings humming with a sort of Dark Magic, some force that will rob of us of our comedic mojo.

But watch people like Louis CK and Bill Cosby and Tina Fey. They get married and raise families, and just get better and more incisive and wise as every new dimension of life opens up to them. Irrelevancy can also befall the unmarried, ironic T-shirt wearing “rebels” who want life frozen at 22 forever.

In fact, the only thing that can truly destroy a comedian – or any artist – is paying attention to benchmarks like “20” and “30” and “40”, or any new set of tens. Turning away from your age, and from the loss of life, is the deepest sort of fear and childishness. There’s nothing creepier than the new generation of twenty-somethings who act like giggly twelve year-olds. And there’s nothing sadder than someone over forty still acting like they’re home from college freshman year, trying to shock their parents over Thanksgiving dinner by declaring they’re an atheist.

I’m turning 40. I can’t wait to be 60. And 70. I think when I turn 50 I’ll wear the same suit every day and look like a cool demonologist with my grey hair. Maybe I should get a swordcane. A 20-something couldn’t pull that off.

For more Patton, be sure to check his official site where he blogged about Sundance last week. And after the jump, you can watch a video of Patton in Park City interviewing the "oh my god" kid from Troll 2.

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Before They Get Stale: The Whitest Kids U' Know, David Letterman and Mike White

January 26, 2009 AT 06:30PM | Comments (0)

81401993 The Whitest Kids U' Know will be free on Netflix the day after each episode premiere. [Trading Markets]

And you'll want to watch as much of The Whitest Kids U' Know in order to make sense out of this weird mistrial involving one of their sketches. [News OK]

One of the guys on Last Comic Standing has a new Discovery Channel show that's like Dirty Jobs, minus the "jobs" part. [Minn Post]

That US version of Absolutely Fabulous is going to pilot. Whether it's good or not, that title is gonna give hundreds of lazy TV critics headline puns for the review. [Hollywood Reporter]

In case you didn't feel geeky enough for following a comedy news blog, here's an article about Dr. Who. [Den Of Geek]

The Richard Simmons clip in this list of Letterman's 9 most awkward moments reminds me my roommate Becca claims Richard Simmons was the first man to call her beautiful. True story. [Cracked]

J.J. from Good Times is interviewed about his stand-up. This is actually a pretty dyn-o-mite interview. Sorry, I was legally obligated to reference that catchphrase. [Toledo Blade]

Mike White and his dad starring in The Amazing Race is now officially a thing that is happening. [Defamer]

TV Writer Sandy Veith died. In addition to writing for Diff'rent Strokes and The Jeffersons, Sandy won a lawsuit proving his pilot inspired Northern Exposure. [Variety]

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John Cleese Is a Mid-Level Executive Suite-Robber

January 26, 2009 AT 06:06PM | Comments (0)

200px-John_Cleese_at_1989_Oscars Today in ex-Monty Python player significant other news, it turns out that John Cleese's girlfriend is older than she claims to be:

British comedian John Cleese, known for his work with the comedy group Monty Python, is very fit and active at age 69, his girlfriend says.

U.S. actress Barbie Orr, who says she's 27, said the "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" actor also has undergone medical and dental procedures to stave off the effects of old age, the Daily Mail reported Saturday...

While Cleese apparently has taken steps to feel younger, U.S. records indicate Orr has simply subtracted 18 years off her actual age to reach that goal.

The Mail said, according to records, Orr is actually 45 years old despite her claims to the contrary.

This is really unfortunate, or maybe fortunate for someone. How will John Cleese feel when next year, she turns out to be even older?

Posted by Eric March

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Joe Biden Liberates Google Maps from Dick Cheney's Pixelated Oppression

January 26, 2009 AT 05:33PM | Comments (1)

From Indecision...

Feast your freedom-loving eyes on the above image, America! That's a Google Maps screenshot of the Naval Observatory, which for the past eight years has been the lair residence of burrower demon former Vice President Dick Cheney.

You've never seen it before, and you'll never guess why...

Google Maps' satellite imagery has shown us clear shots of the White House, the Capitol and even the Pentagon. But one thing it never displayed properly was Dick Cheney's house.

The Vice President's quarters, located at the Naval Observatory since 1974, have been pixelated ever since Google has given the public an easy way to check them out—coincidentally ever since Dick Cheney has lived there. This censorship wasn't by Google but those supplying Google the source images, the U.S. Geological Survey.

Now that we have a new Vice President, one who will never vanish to an undisclosed location (unless it's readily accessible by commuter rail), the U.S. Geological Survey has begun providing clear images of the Observatory to Google, and therefore the world.

Of course, this is Joe Biden we're talking about.

Once he finds out how many people are looking at satellite pictures of his house, he'll start mowing gaffes in the lawn.

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Michael Vick Trades His Rape Stands for Some Empathy Stands

January 26, 2009 AT 05:08PM | Comments (0)

Hey, how's Michael Vick doing? That's what you're always asking, right? It's all the time with you, Michael Vick this and Michael Vick that. So you'll be pleased as punch to know that he took an Empathy for Animals course at PETA a year and a half ago after which he was given a test to see what he'd learned. And now, on PETA's blog, they've released his graded test. Believe it or not, Vick passed. With a C.

Picture 12

So, you know, good news, but I'd still say wait for at least a B+ before you let him dog-sit. He can probably bring in your mail for you. Maybe he could water your plants too, but don't be surprised if you come home to find your azaleas have mauled the chrysanthemums to death.

Here's hoping Plaxico Buress does at least this well on his People for the Ethical Treatment of Legs test.

Posted by matt tobey

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Lonely Islander Jorma Taccone Dances to Fleet Foxes

January 26, 2009 AT 04:07PM | Comments (2)

I'm not a hip music guy. Just the other day I was talking to a friend and they were like "Did you hear the Panda Bear album?" And I was like, "huh?" And there were all like, "It's the solo album from the guy from Animal Collective." And I responded saying "What's with all these animals? What's next, some kind of Flock of Seagulls?" Long story short, that friend is not my friend anymore and I'm back to zero friends.

Apparently there's also an animal band called The Fleet Foxes and Jorma from Lonely Island dances to them.

There are more videos where Jorma dances to other people's music. I only discovered this now because I just got the internet yesterday. All the posts I've made before this one were made via fax machine.

Follow after the jump to see the rest of the videos.

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Bill Hader and Greg Mottola to Make Dog of The South

January 26, 2009 AT 03:46PM | Comments (2)

74994512 If there's one book that I always wished would be turned into a movie, it's probably Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. So, you know, sometimes wishes do come true.

But if there's another book I'd like to see adapted for the screen, it very well might be a Charles Portis book. He's written some of the richest and funniest characters I've ever read, so obviously it's good news that Greg Mottola and Bill Hader are going to make a Dog of the South movie.

Bill and I optioned a novel, this book by Charles Portis called Dog of the South. Charles Portis wrote True Grit. This is a comic novel that’s set in the ‘70s, and it’s one of the funniest things I ever read. It’s for me to direct and Bill to star in. But it’s a dramatic acting role. It’s going to be Bill showing a whole other side of stuff. And I can’t wait, because I know he has it in him.

For a bunch of stuff about Adventureland and more with Greg Mottola, check out the full interview at Heeb.

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Roads? Where Paul Scheer's Going We Won't Need Roads

January 26, 2009 AT 12:39PM | Comments (0)

I don't know about you, but when I get the ability to travel through time I'm going to use it so I can look at naked ladies in the shower. And no, I'm not confusing time-travel with invisibility. I'm going to take my toothbrush into the future where it'll be a priceless antique worth all kinds of money, and then I can pay naked ladies to let me look at them in the shower. Anyway, Paul Scheer's time-travel ideas aren't as sexy as mine, but they're funnier. (NSFW)

Posted by matt tobey

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Kyle Cease Wins Comedy Central's Stand-Up Showdown

January 26, 2009 AT 10:23AM | Comments (12)

As you may have seen yesterday, after a long battle, Kyle Cease edged out Jeff Dunham to win this year's Stand-Up Showdown. Kyle made an impressive pull from behind by rallying his fans around the contest, thanking voters by name in his podcast and posting special get-out-the-vote videos on his Myspace. Speaking of which, here's a thank-you video he posted Saturday, after voting had ended but before the winner was announced.

Rounding out the top five were Dan Cummins, Doug Benson and Tammy Pescatelli. Congratulations to all the competitors.

Posted by matt tobey

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Before They Get Stale: Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman and Patton Oswalt

January 23, 2009 AT 06:30PM | Comments (0)

83251291 Todd Barry and Eugene Mirman flew in some manner of metal bird with internet access today and took the time to answer some questions. [A Special Thing]

Jeffrey Ross puns, "Nixon had a bowling alley and Clinton put a golf putting green, so Obama needs the audacity of hoops." I love puns more than I love my mother. [Heeb Magazine]

If Pete Holmes, Oren Brimer, and Matt McCarthy want to win the Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest, they must keep their heads down, power through, and want it more than the other guy. [NY Times]

That 9 year old kid who wrote that book got a movie deal. Enjoy your Hollywood coke and hooker parties, 9 year old kid, cause it's all downhill from there. [Entertainment Weekly]

Can the Pope's Christian message of salvation compete with Mr. Chi City's message of well-stocked drink selections leading to women dropping vagina panties? [Variety]

Tom and Jerry will be made into a live action movie with CGI leads. Everyone is shocked because this marks the absolute first time Hollywood has raped our childhood memories. [/film]

Do you remember Married With Children? Let me jog your memory: "You're impotent, Al!" "You make me want to vomit, Peg." FLUSH! Now you're all caught up for this web series. [Crackle]

Look Around You's Peter Serafinowicz thinks their "comedy falls under the banner unpopular culture." [AV Club]

Andy Dick tells Tyra Banks he's a "tri-sexual." I assume he means he only has sex with tricycles. [WLWT Local News]

MAD magazine is going from a monthly to a quarterly publication. My inner 13 year-old me is very sad. He also has an unwanted erection and believes MXPX are the only people who understand his pain. [Newsarama]

A while back, a Daily Show clip was involved in a lawsuit. Judge Ambrose decreed (or whatever judges do) the clip couldn't be admitted as evidence because it was simply too funny. [Lehigh Valley Live]

Patton Oswalt describes Big Fan, "here’s this world... we’re not going to look at it from some hipster’s distance." But without hipster distance, I'll have to form a real opinon! [Spout]

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